A Little Honey With Your Adjustment? : Why honey is the superior choice over processed sugar.
As a chiropractor, nutritional advice is regular part of my day. Questions regarding a specific type of diet are numerous. What is interesting though, is almost every patient will tell me how they are eliminating sugar from their diet. Many have chose to consume more honey in place of processed sugar. Sometimes it is helpful to have the necessary information available prior to making these health changes.

Is sugar addictive?
Yes, maybe even more than cocaine! Sugar has an effect on the opiate receptors in our body. These receptors are linked to the reward portion of our brain and lead to compulsive behavior, even though our brain is aware of the negative consequences.

Is honey a good alternative to honey?
Definitely. Honey has known positive effects on conditions such as coughs, indigestion, burns, wounds, flu, and infections. It also contains nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Honey has an extremely long shelf life and is used by many as a “superfood”.

Does honey have antibacterial properties?
For sure. Honey has an enzyme that actually converts to hydrogen peroxide when in the presence of oxygen. The hydrogen peroxide dissolves bacterial cell membranes, thus, destroying the bacteria.

Does honey burn energy like sugar?
No, honey is completely different in that aspect. Unlike sugar, honey does not produce the crash and burn outcome. Honey is burned in a slow fashion which avoids surge in energy followed by the inevitable crash. Enzymes in honey tend to help the body regulate the way it chooses to use sugar.

What diseases are caused by sugar?
Besides weight gain and eventual fatigue, processed sugar has been linked to cancer, stomach problems, diabetes, and heart disease. Remember, these maladies are not just from processed sugar. Many sugar substitutes produce the same diseases.

Will any honey do?
Granted, most all honey is an improvement over processed sugar, all honey is not created equal. Honey produced in an organic, or pesticide-free environment is the way to go. More and more research supports the benefits of using a honey produced locally. This is quite beneficial to the allergy prevention properties.

Well, why isn’t honey used more?
The answer to this question can be summed up by one word, profit. Like most natural products, honey is not something that is trademarked, patented, and produced chemically. Without those components there is no major money to be had. Just take a look at the advertising that is targeted towards consumers, especially kids! Everything has processed sugar and feeds on our senses and emotions. One company is unable to corner the market on a natural product such as honey. If they ever do, take a look at the full ingredient list!