Aromatherapy Candles: A Guide For Consumers

Aromatherapy Candles : Candles are commonly known for being a light source, having a pleasant scent, and providing a source of relaxation during a bubble bath. Many people are not aware that some types of candles can also play an important role in the practice of aromatherapy.

When choosing candles to be used for aromatherapy, one must first determine if the candles are made of the appropriate kind of wax. Beeswax and soy wax candles are perfect for aromatherapy use. Soy is a soft wax, whereas beeswax is a bit firmer in composition. You’ll want to stay away from paraffin wax candles, because paraffin is a petroleum byproduct and does not have the natural ingredients that are required for aromatherapy use.

Candles that are used for holistic aromatherapy will have labels that emphasize their 100%-natural ingredients. You will still have to exercise caution, however, since some candles on the market with labels that say “aromatherapy” are not actually made with ingredients that are entirely natural. A large number of candles are created with synthetic oils, which means that no matter how pleasant the fragrance smells, you may still be at risk for inhaling toxins during aromatherapy sessions.

When you are looking to purchase aromatherapy candles, you’ll need to carefully read each label. The manufacturers of candles that are 100% all-natural will usually have this information stated clearly on the packaging. Also, pay special attention to which types of wax that the candle contains. You should look for candles that contain no fragrance oils, have no synthetic ingredients, are paraffin wax-free, and are made entirely with soy wax or beeswax.

If every ingredient is not specifically listed on a candle label, this is one indicator that the candle is not approved for aromatherapy use. When manufacturers do not want consumers to know that their candles contain synthetic ingredients, they will sometimes have misleading information printed on their product labels. For example, a candle label that includes the phrase “Made With Essential Oils” is not necessarily composed of 100% all-natural ingredients. The candle could contain some essential oils, but other oils may be synthetic. To ensure that your candles are designed for aromatherapy, purchase only those that do not have ambiguous labels.

It is also important to note that 100% all-natural soy candles can be rather expensive. As a more affordable alternative, you might wish to consider purchasing an oil diffuser, soy-based beeswax candles, or candles made from natural vegetable oil.