A video chronicling what is apparently an ordinary everyday meal for a rottweiler living on a raw foods diet has got people talking on TikTok.

Footage of Odin the dog’s plate being loaded up with an assortment of meat, fish and dairy products has already been viewed over 67 million times on the social media platform, sparking a mix of shock and concern among those watching.

The clip was uploaded to the TikTok by rottiekings, an account chronicling the daily adventures of Odin and fellow raw-fed rottweiler Hera. According to a hashtag accompanying the video, the canine pair live in Germany, and their meat-eating exploits have proved popular among dog lovers online.

However, the pooch duo’s antics have not been without their critics.

Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, senior veterinarian at The Schwarzman Animal Medical Center, previously told Newsweek that feeding dogs raw meat can pose a serious health risk.

“We cook meat (of all types: fish, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, etc) to kill microorganisms that will make us sick. Ditto for our pets. That is why veterinarians DO NOT recommend diets based around raw meat,” she said.

Hohenhaus also warned of the potential for cross-contamination, with raw meat-eating dogs posing a possible threat to the very young, vulnerable or infirm

“The safest thing to do for all family members, human and furry, is to cook meat before eating,” she said.

In the clip, the drooling rottweiler can be seen standing just off to the side as an increasing array of items appear on-screen.

First raw beef is placed on the plate, followed by a couple of handfuls of sardines. Two large spoonfuls of liver are added next along with some scoops of fruit and vegetables. Next, several chicken necks are piled on top, followed by cottage cheese and olive oil.

The lavish dinner drew a strong reaction among those commenting on the clip. Darkoo18 said, “My guy is eating better than half of us here,” with a jealous Ryan Robinson427 adding, “I’m sitting here eating noodles.”

Lupinul said, “This my food for one week,” while eendys reckoned, “That’s a $70 plate right there.”

Sarah Smith was similarly shocked at the lavish meal, writing: “I simply could not afford to feed this man.”

A concerned Rotemkravi commented, “it’s not healthy for him,” with Dudebruh agreeing, “Dogs aren’t wild animals anymore they’re domesticated they’ve adapted over time to kibble feeding raw food isn’t considered super healthy.”

Sunrise2424 was similarly skeptical: “I mean it won’t kill them instantly but in a few years probably because there’s stuff in meat that needs to be cooked out.”

Newsweek has contacted rottiekings for comment.

A dog enjoying a meaty treat.
Stock image of a dog enjoying a meaty treat. A video showcasing a rottweiler’s raw food diet has sparked debate.
Mikhail Dmitriev/Getty