Rest is so important, and when celebrities prioritize their physical and mental health over all else, it sends an inspirational message to parents everywhere. Mandy Moore made the heartbreaking decision to cancel the remaining stops on her 2022 In Real Life tour last month to focus on her pregnancy with husband Taylor Goldsmith. Yesterday, she shared more details about life on tour while being pregnant and caring for 17-month-old Augustus (“Gus”), including the moment she realized she was a “shell of herself.”


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“I didn’t know I was pregnant when we planned the tour,” Moore told TODAY on Wednesday.

She explained when she found out she was pregnant, she thought she could “power through” the remaining tour dates, as she filmed scenes for This Is Us when she was in her third trimester with Gus. However, being pregnant while raising a toddler has its own set of challenges.

“I foolishly thought ‘if I did it before, I can do it again,’” Moore said about working while pregnant. “But every pregnancy is different. This time, I was caring for a toddler. I was walking around feeling like an absolute shell of myself.”

The Heartlands singer shared behind-the-scenes moments from her tour on Instagram, including a cute video of Gus watching the band warm up on June 18. On Father’s Day, she shared a picture of Goldsmith holding Gus, crediting him for “stepping up and being the fun parent on the road right now so I can rest and sing and keep growing #2.”

Despite the joy she found in these sweet moments, the everyday reality of tour life was challenging and Moore was “scared” that she wasn’t taking care of herself or her baby.

“As it turns out, being on a set is worlds away from being on a tour bus,” Moore told TODAY. “It was like trying to sleep on a wooden rollercoaster. Gus would be standing up in his Pack N’ Play while the bus was shaking — and I was like, ‘No, no, no. We can’t do this anymore.’”

Can you imagine? It would be hard enough trying to get comfortable sleeping on a bus while pregnant — I could barely fall asleep in my own bed while pregnant! — but seeing your toddler suffer and lose sleep, too? Her decision to pause and rest shows incredible strength and love for her kids.

She was struggling with both decisions. “I was scared I was going to adversely affect my [unborn] baby and his growth,” the A Walk to Remember star told TODAY. But also, she hadn’t toured in 15 years. “I’d been looking forward to this for a decade and half,” Moore continued.

“But ultimately, nothing trumps your health, and the health of your baby,” she decided.

Her OB-GYN agreed. “She was like, “I know you’re a tough cookie like me, but you’re just gonna rest now, OK?’” Moore shared.

Her indie rock band singer husband is also being supportive. “He tells me, ‘The most important thing is to listen to your body. We will do this again. This isn’t the last time that you’ll be able to go on the road,’” Moore told TODAY. “We will always make music a priority, and it will always be a part of our lives.”

In a cover story with Health in February, Moore talked about how important self-care is. “Right now, it’s about having grace—being easy on myself when being able to practice self-care doesn’t feel as available and accessible to me,” Moore said. She explained that it was easier for her to take care of herself when pregnant with Gus.

“It was so much easier when I was pregnant, to find the time to take care of myself,” she told Health. “I was at the chiropractor. I was at acupuncture weekly. I had prenatal massages. And then as soon as baby arrives, all of that pretty much goes out the window. And it’s such a bummer because I feel like I wish I could find the time to sort of incorporate some of those practices again, because they felt so good.”

In a June 29 Instagram post, Moore shared how “difficult” it was for her to take it easy this pregnancy. “It’s hard to slow down. It’s difficult to feel like you’re letting yourself or anyone else down,” she wrote. “It’s disappointing to admit you can’t do it all sometimes. But it’s also empowering to give yourself permission to be human and take a breath. We all need it. To prioritize rest over hustle.”

We’re so happy that Moore was able to make rest a priority once again. Slowing down is challenging, but so worth it — even when you aren’t pregnant!

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