If you’re keen to start a Pegan diet, you’ll need to start with a Pegan diet food list. Created in 2014 by functional medicine doctor Mark Hyman MD, the Pegan (paleo-vegan) diet is primarily plant-based. Dr. Hyman suggests making vegetables and fruits about 75% of your diet. You can still eat meat but think of it as a side dish instead of the main element in a meal. The Pegan diet focuses strongly on whole foods or foods that have undergone little to no processing before they make it to your plate.

We’ll get into what exactly you can eat on this diet in a moment and we’ll also find out whether it’s really that effective too. However, if you’re looking to change up how you eat to drop a few pounds, also take a look at the best exercise machines to lose weight to help create a calorie deficit.

What you need to know about the Pegan diet